Caring is our Calling at CCLC

CCLC members are innovative and comprehensive not-for-profit and public long term care organizations in New York. CCLC was established to harness the leadership and collective experience to find solutions for the challenges of providing care across the continuum.

Our Mission and Purpose
CCLC is founded on the premise that we must dramatically elevate the level of resources and attention focused on the concerns of the long term care community in New York. The purpose of CCLC is to shape, through advocacy, research, and education, an environment that supports the delivery of, and access to, continuing care services of the highest quality within the greater New York region and beyond. CCLC provides state and national leadership in advancing effective continuing care policies and practices through the collective experience, vision, and effort of its members.

Who We Represent
The members of CCLC provide services across the continuum of care to people of all ages throughout the New York metropolitan area and beyond. CCLC’s members are leaders in the delivery of skilled nursing care, home health care, adult day health care, respite and hospice care, rehabilitation and subacute care, senior housing and assisted living, and services to special populations in the need of continuing care.

CCLC’s members care for a disproportionately large share of the population receiving continuing care services in New York State. The 100 members of CCLC represent over one fifth of all nursing home beds statewide and care for more than one fifth of the residents served in New York State’s residential health care facilities. CCLC’s members have also had a disproportionate impact on the development of innovative solutions to long term care financing and service delivery of managed long term care programs in New York and Social HMO and PACE programs at the national level.